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Creating a Collectible

Creating your own collectibles for others to claim is quick and easy in Editional

Access the Create Collectible camera

At the bottom of your screen when viewing feed you’ll see an orange “Create” button.  Click it to launch the creation camera.

Take a picture or select an image in your photo roll

The Create experience defaults to your camera, but you can also click “Library” to select an image in your photo roll.  This is useful in case you’re uploading digital artwork or a photo you previously took.

Name your collectible

In the textbox beneath the image you can give your collectible a descriptive name.  This will show up as the title of the collectible for other Editional users and can’t be changed after the collectible is created, so choose carefully!

(optional) Edit your image and select the number of editions you want to create

If you’d like, you can click on the image to open the editing tools, and you can click on the edition count in the upper left of the image to change the number of editions to be created.

Remember, as the creator you will always receive edition 1!

Updated on April 17, 2019

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